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About me

Modelling is a different way of acting.

It explores the capacity of freeze frame a single moment, conveying the whole intensity of the character you need to play.

After twelve years modelling, what started as a curiosity to explore a different world became one of my best sides.

You dress up and play.

Differently with each scenario and design, wrapped up in the makeup I never used in my real life.

I am extremely chameleonic and I highlight because of my energy, my glance, the strength that comes out of my guts.

Captivating with my mischief behaviour, as I would never stop being a warrior girl: giving up is not an option.

All of that makes my most popular character: the sexy naughty femme fatale.

Therefore my world has always been walking on the fourth wall line.

I look to the spectator, or the spectator is looking at me.

I am always willing to experiment new challenges as life for me is a non-stop learning stage and state.