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About me

As a multidisciplinary artist, I always found acting as a gateway to show other’s people lives.

For a while, the character uses your body, your voice, your feelings.

It’s living inside you, being someone else's but at the same time, it is yourself.

You create memories of that character throughout yourself, linked by time-space into the parallel universe that acting is. And I am a performer who loves new challenges.

I have a photographic memory, I observe the slight less detail around me.

My mum is a psychologist, I grew up with the sixth sense to read people straight away.  

That makes me learn about people’s behaviour and the psychology of the characters to play.

The most you understand, the better to perform.

As a screenwriter of my short films and short stories, I know how to develop the different arch of transformation for each character.

My experience performing and playing in different kind of videos brought me to excel in front of the camera.

While my university Media studies and BTEC, I started to take acting courses and becoming part of theatre groups. Always in and out, combining with modelling.

Enjoying every character, every performance.

I continued with acting courses when I moved to London four years ago, my motto is never stopping learning.

I have never been to drama school so I didn't allow myself to consider me an actress.

But I am indeed as I born actress and is coming from inside, that’s a fact.

So no more fear to face who am I.

Being on both sides of camera and stage gives me a better knowledge and understanding of the business, so working with me is a plus for any job.




Auryn - Who´s loving you? (feat. Anastacia) (Videoclip Oficial)


Scene "Relevant" Birdman- Irráñitu | Blanca Ninwen and Pablo Turégano | Estefanía Rodríguez Films



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